Tony Gonzalez Infographic

Today is a great day for Atlanta Falcons fans. All-Pro tight end Tony Gonzalez announced he is coming back to play for one more year!

To celebrate, lets take a look at some stats from Tony’s career and see why he is often praised as the greatest tight end of all time.

Here is a preview image so you can look at something while the full thing loads… its kind of big. For the full infographic keep scrolling…



And here is the full infographic, which hopefully has loaded by now. To see it glorious full size, click the image below and then magnify it on the next screen. Enjoy!


I originally started this project as a way to dig into Tony’s stats to show that he should return for at least one more year. When I realized that his decision was largely based on personal matters – not stats – I decided to call an audible and instead make an infographic to either celebrate if he announced his return or to look back on his career if he chose to retire. I for one am glad we get to watch him play for one more year.

If you want to read about the process of making it, check out the other posts about it, here: Making of the Tony Gonzalez Infographic

Thanks for enjoying my work!

Surf Mavericks: Update 2

At this point of the season, Mavericks seems a long way off. It isn’t breaking and likely won’t be for a while. Nonetheless, if I want to be prepared for next season, I have to stay focused now.

I had an MRI on my left shoulder and thankfully nothing is torn. I’m glad there are people that study this sort of thing, because when I look at the picture below I can’t tell what is going on. Heck, it took me a few seconds to even tell what perspective I was looking from. I’m on a regular PT routine now to get the shoulder back to 100% so that I can train without re-injuring it.


On the breath holding side of things, I am making some progress. I set a new personal record of 2:39. I wasn’t planning on graphing out my progress here, but at the bequest of a co-worker who was disappointed that Mr. Data wasn’t making a graph – I was convinced otherwise.

Here is how I’m doing:


Hopefully the diminishing returns on training are still a ways off, I’d like to get close to 4 minutes before it starts getting hard to add seconds. Fun fact – the world record for breath holding is over 22 minutes.

Shoulder: No torn ligaments – on the path to recovery

Breath Holding: 2:39

Days to Go: 296

Innovation Session: Tony Gonzalez Infographic Part 7

Tonight I finished the infographic I’ve been working on for the past seven weeks. Two versions of it actually, one for if Tony G. retires and one for if he comes back to play another year. They are fairly similar, but with subtle differences in the presentation in order to change the emphasis of the message. I suppose at some point I can put them up side by side to see if those subtleties are achieved.

I’m actually a bit torn right now because I like the version for the retirement scenario better, but I’d rather get to see Tony play for another year.

Like any project, once I finished the first 90%, I could start on the second 90%. There was a good bit of polishing to do but I’ve actually tried to do some of it as I went, mainly when I was stumped on something else.

The final thing I worked on tonight, but have yet to make a decision on, is the copyright status I’m going to put on the image. I normally default to throwing up ‘Copyright 2013’ on whatever I make (though that isn’t necessary under US law) but with this one I’m not sure if it fits the project.

This infographic, like all of my innovation sessions, isn’t for profit. In order to focus on the innovation parts of the projects, I’m relying on anything pre-built wherever possible. The data, logos and some of the graphics are pulled from other sources – so I feel bad throwing a copyright on it –  even though I could probably get away with it under fair use.

I’m currently leaning towards a creative commons license, for attribution and non-commercial. I don’t really want to see someone printing out the infographic I’ve made and selling it for a profit, but have no problem with anyone else sharing it on their fantasy football blog, website, etc. I’ll probably sit on this decision for a bit and make a call on launch day.