2018 – Profile 12 Families

In 2018 I challenged myself to profile 12 families that were living intentionally different.

People that have decided what is important to them and crafted lives that strip away all else to emphasize those things. People that have figured out how to do so while also having children, which makes everything a bit more challenging.

Success for this challenge requires doing all of:

  • coming up with a format and series of common questions to learn about my subjects
  • completing 12 profiles
  • publishing them for others to read

Limiters I am putting in place include:

  • maximum of seven hours per week

Tiered results – extra stretch goals to reach for after achieving the binary result:

  • publish the profiles on a website other than GregKroleski.com
  • publish the profiles as an ebook with wide distribution
  • no more than 2 of the families were people I knew prior to Jan 1, 2018
  • publish the profiles as a paper book with a major publisher