Innovation Session

Innovation Session: Tony Gonzalez Infographic Part 4

19 hours down – the infographic now measures 16″ wide by 85″ tall – meaning it is officially taller than Tony Gonzalez.

I wrapped the section comparing Tony’s career to 9 other of the greatest tight ends ever to play in the NFL. Here is a sneak preview, see if you can guess who each of them is just from the caricature.


At this point I feel there are two things left to do:

  1. Compare Tony’s early years to the best tight ends of 2012 – to show how long the likes of Gronkowski and Graham have to go before catching the records of #88.
  2. Dig through the rest of the stats I have on Tony’s career looking for random trivia.

We could be looking at a completed project in 2-3 more weeks which puts us right around the Free Agency start date. I’m not sure anything significant will happen on that date, but it is the time of year where teams have to start making decisions about the next season so I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard something more from the camps of Gonzalez or Dimitroff.