Month: November 2013

My Thinking On Various Topics

Thoughts On: Black Friday

I found out today that a number of stores are starting their holiday sales on Thursday.  This upset me quite a bit. Why am I upset? First and foremost because 6PM on Thursday Thanksgiving dinner. Stores that are open at that time not only tempt people away from cherished family time, but keep their employees away from it as well. Second, the concept of Thanksgiving is to reflect and be thankful for the blessings we’ve received the previous year. The attitude behind Black Friday shopping is the exact opposite of being grateful. It is an attitude of selfishness an excess. Even where gift giving is the reason – though I doubt a majority of it is – no gift is greater than time spent. Finally, the focus on shopping puts a strain on many that aren’t in a position to bear that load. Spending is an important part of a

My Thinking On Various Topics

Thoughts On: #sfBatkid

Miles is a young boy battling leukemia who lived out his dream of being a Batman thanks to Make-A-Wish and the city of San Francisco. The story has reached around the world. It even drew responses from the likes of President Obama & recent Dark Knight actor Christian Bale. The day designed for Miles was nothing short of awesome. I got to watch for a bit as the adventure took him to the Giant’s stadium – right next to my office. I was amazed by the generosity shown to make this wish come true. From the Lamborghini Batmobile to the hours of coordination and service. The best part though was the cheering crowds. There were thousands of people at each of the stops – all of us there because we felt touched by the story. I watched San Franciscans cheer and hold up signs. I heard the crowd chant ‘Batkid!’ as he saved our mascot from the

Innovation Session

Innovation Session: Recycling A Broken Surfboard – Part 3

This is part 3 of a 4 part series – you can read the rest here: Recycling A Broken Surfboard – Part 1 Recycling A Broken Surfboard – Part 2 Recycling A Broken Surfboard – Part 4 Continuing where I left off. Previously I stripped down the old broken board, shaped the foam into something new & now I’m ready to put the finishing touches on my recycled surfboard. Surfboard artwork has always been a place for expression an individuality. From back when islanders would carve artwork into their giant wooden plans, to the pre-war era surfboards with paint to contemporary sticks graffitid with spray paint and Sharpie. How a board looks shouldn’t affect how it rides – but I defend that it does. So much of how a session goes is built on momentum that the good vibes from the parking lot compliment to a paddle out conversation can all