Month: May 2014


Experiment: I’m Ditching My Desk – Results

This post is the conclusion to an experiment about having no desk at work. After a month of not having a permanent desk I want to reflect on the experiment. Here is how my hypothesis stacked up. Analysis & Conclusions Hypothesis One: I will have less drop-ins I was able to get enough data on this to prove my pointIn total I sat in 12 different places during the 23 working days of the experiment. Of those places, the most common was a couch in the corner of the office that I sat at on seven different days. My average daily drop-ins was 0.78. However, when I started to develop a favorite, people began to know where to find me and the drop-in rate climbed to 1.43. Graphically, here are we can see the number of days I had each count of drop-ins. The highest counts were only achieved on

Yearly Focus

Complete an Ironman: Update 4 – Midpoint Progress Check

This is one of 14 updates about my 2014 challenge to complete an Ironman – you can see a list of the others here. I am just about at the half way point of my Ironman training which will span from January until September. This is a great time to get a benchmark of how my fitness is as well as to identify my strengths and weaknesses. That will let me adjust my training plan accordingly to maximize my results come Ironman Lake Tahoe. To get some data on my progress so far I signed up for the Wildflower Triathlon’s Olympic distance race. Olympic distance is about a quarter of the length of an Ironman so this is a good benchmark, but won’t throw off my training too much. But before I detail the results of that race, here is how my training has been going. Training Data I have