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Thoughts On: Rest

Last weekend I went backpacking in the Emigrant Wilderness where I became acutely aware of how opposed to rest I have been lately. On Thursday at 5PM the lake pictured below changed from a peaceful reflection pool to something reminiscent of a horror movie as swarms of mosquitoes descended. Our entire group hopped into our tents, the only protection from their bites. Without technology to distract me, I lay there counting the mosquitoes on the ceiling. I got up to 100 before I fell asleep, not to awake for four hours. I’m not much of a napper. I’ve probably taken a dozen in my adult life and my mom might defend that I only took slightly more as a child. Nonetheless I crashed for a few hours in the evening without trouble. Why could I sleep so easy? I certainly have an excuse to be tired. Lately I’ve been doing a lot. I