Yearly Focus

Yearly Focus – v1.4 Release Notes

In 2012 I challenged myself to surf Mavericks and consume less. That was v1.0 of my yearly focus. Since then the process, one I call my ‘yearly focus’ has become more specific and better documented. Here are details on my newest iteration of creating a yearly focus. V 1.0 – 1.3 Since I haven’t succinctly documented the iterations anywhere, here is a quick run through of what I’ve done so far. I mentioned v1.0 above was having goals, that started in 2012 with a few Facebook posts. In 2013 I realized I needed to write down & report on my yearly challenges to create accountability for myself. That was v1.1. I broke it up into a challenge, goal & theme. I have been blogging about that under the category ‘Yearly Focus’ regularly since then. In 2014 I played around with the items a bit to hone the process. That was v1.2.