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Today We Worship Our God(s)

On any given day, you will see people worship their god(s) – but none quite so obvious as today – Christmas day.

I’ve read that the easiest way to find out what god or idol a person cherishes the most is to look at what, when lost or at risk, causes them to turn to prayer. Is it their own life, like a foxhole Christians, their family, their job, or is it something else?

A second, and perhaps more externally obvious method, might be to look at how they spend December 25th.

Regardless of which god(s) a person worships – and all people worship some god – today is a day that seems to highlight it. Perhaps it is the freedom that comes with a national holiday. A day in which most people may decide how to spend it.

Christians will worship Christ. Those that are familiar, will commune before a familiar God. Those that are not, before a set a traditions they value enough to attend to on that day – even if no others.

Others will make alters of their new possessions. They will stack high all that is new and innovative and beautiful.

Some will worship kindness and generosity. They will give gifts and support to others in the name of that god.

Those that worship their work will find an excuse to attend to it – even when they have every reason not to.

Those who value most themselves or their family, will ensure they appropriately allocate their time and focus to those.

Whatever god a person lives for, on Christmas day, they will have a chance to worship. What irony that a Christian holiday, that once stole its date from pagan celebrations, has in turn become a pagan holiday, that stole its name from a Christian celebration.