My Thinking On Various Topics

How I Do It

My work at Google is so mentally taxing that it turns my brain to unresponsive mush by the end of the day. I look forward to going home to see my kids, play with LEGO, wrestle, watch Disney movies and eventually fall asleep (sometimes before they do).

My time spent with my with four kids, ages 4-8, so tries my patience. Answering ‘why?’, mediating conflicts, thinking about how to train them, consumes so much of my EQ that by the end I just want to be alone, in silence, running through the woods.

Running for 4, 12, or 24 hours, covering up to 100 miles of mountainous trails is so physically demanding, the by the end I just want to sit in my desk chair and relax my body. Perhaps occupy my mind with a meeting or a few emails.

Sometimes people ask me how I do everything. The answer is simple – I don’t do that much. I only do a few things, but I focus on those things. I put a lot of wood behind three arrows and I aim carefully.

I have found balance by being strategic about how I spend my time. I’ve learned – sometimes through failure – and I’ve reached an equilibrium that is working for me. I’ve found activities that complement each other, motivate me, are enjoyable and that I am proud of. I find balance while I push through challenges and grow stronger at each so that I can do more tomorrow.

Better. Every. Year.