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Achieving Goals

To achieve any goal, no matter how big, the process is the same. Define clear success criteria Generate ample motivation Create an appropriately sized vacuum of time and energy Anything that is possible is possible in that manner. We fail to achieve our goals when we avoid defining them appropriately, neglect motivating ourselves, or let our time become filled with too many other things.

Yearly Focus

Health: Finding My Limits

When optimizing, the goal is always to maximize the output for a specific investment of inputs. Those inputs are typically things like money, time, effort, materials, space, etc. We want to get more bang for our buck, results for time put in, etc. No optimization problem operates in a vacuum though. There are always constraints – limits that keep the equation from scaling linearly forever. These might be hard constraints that stop you in your tracks. Perhaps the constraint is the number of available outputs. If you’ve already trained enough to win a race, you can’t double-win it. Or perhaps they are soft constraints. that create strange non-linear scale, either in a positive or negative manner. Perhaps the first 100 units of output can be achieved at a ratio of 1:1 input to output, but the next 100 require 3:2 input to output. This means that over time you have diminishing