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Race and Adventure Report: Seventy 48 – 2023

On June 2nd and 3rd, 2023 I completed the Seventy48 paddle race in just over 40 hours. Here is the race report Goals Results Enjoy being outside – ACCOMPLISHED Do something really hard – ACCOMPLISHED Do something new and learn some new skills – ACCOMPLISHED Finish the course (even if after the allowed time) – ACCOMPLISHED Officially finish (under the official 48 hour cutoff) – ACCOMPLISHED Finish in under 24 hours – Not Accomplished Finish in under 20 hours – Not Accomplished Strategy Start slow, keep moving, and dig deep in the end. – ACCOMPLISHED Tactics Eat 200 calories per hour – ACCOMPLISHED Refill water every 2 hours – ACCOMPLISHED Don’t exceed 140bpm – Not Accomplished Only stop on land three times – Not Accomplished Limit rest stops to 30 minutes – Not Accomplished Successes What am I proud of from race day? Found a way to finish Failures What areas could I