Innovation Session

Update: Innovation Session Goals

A few weeks ago I wrote about my Innovation Sessions and listed three benefits/goals:

  1. train my innovation skills by introducing my mind to new and diverse problems, racking my brain for solutions and to exposing the resulting solutions to public criticism.
  2. explore ideas I have for products, visualizations or tools
  3. learn new skills and hone others that I do not use as regularly in my day job

I forgot a fourth one which in many ways outweighs the other three: meeting cool people.

Over the past month I have had lunch, coffee, beers or gone surfing with about a half dozen cool people that I met because of my Innovation Sessions. They shared a common interest, saw an idea of mine posted and were kind enough to reach out.

Because of those meetings, some of the ideas might turn into realities. Even when they don’t, which will most often be the case, sharing ideas & encouraging like-minded people is a super rewarding experience. We grow when our ideas are vetted by others and we work to see things from their perspective. We won’t always apply all of it, but often we can take something away. Everyone has a unique perspective and will offer a new twist that you might not have thought of – that is why team collaboration is so cool.

To those of you that reached out to say hi – thanks & I’m looking forward to more drinks, meals & surfing. To everyone else – share your ideas and meet people that believe in the same change you do – you can do more together!