Innovation Session

Innovation Session: The History of NFL Win Percentages – Part 6

There is a time to struggle and a time to ask for help. D3 has gotten the best of me. I’m sure it is something simple, but I don’t have my bearings in the language enough to figure out what the problem is.

I tried a good bit of debugging and have verified everything I can think of:

  • The dates are in the correct format
  • The line has a width and renders with different values
  • The data is making it all the way through the functions
  • There are no errors blocking the script
  • The x-axis range matches the data

I decided to turn to stackoverflow for help and posted a question asking about why my lines aren’t showing up.

Hopefully some kind soul will take mercy on me and point me in the right direction. In the mean time I’m going to populate the rest of my data into the CSV.

This has been a humbling experience.