My Thinking On Various Topics

Selling Everything I Own

Lately I’ve been exploring a philosophy where I consider everything I own as being for sale at any given time. At a high price, that is probably true for all of us. But at a reasonable price it should be too.

I’ve begun to distance myself from things – valuing them for the purpose they serve in the present rather than some tie to the past or (unrealistic) hope for the future.

As my interests shift, my true value of an item does too and eventually it gets below market rate. The thought of selling items I might want later was a barrier at first, but I’ve chipped away at it as I’ve realized how easy it is to acquire a near exact item later if need be.

With this philosophy I am able to float through life more freely – less tied down by material weight. I am able to live more in the moment, owning a curated collection of items that very accurately reflects my current needs, goals & time-allocation.

I sold my yellow 1971 Schwinn Sport Tourer today. I loved that bike. It is no longer something I need to own though. I have another bike that is much better for my current needs. If ever those needs change, I can always get another bike like that one – but in the mean time I’m glad to have the extra space.