Month: June 2017

Yearly Focus

What Does A Sabbath Year Look Like?

For 2017 I challenged myself to define & launch a sabbath year. This is a concept I’ve been thinking on for the past ~6 years but as the start date has been getting closer, my need for a clear definition been increasing. In the last month I’ve been talking with other people a lot about this upcoming sabbath. Two people have poignantly asked me, ‘what does success look like for you?’ Though I had a rough idea, I realized I needed to think on the concept more. Endeavors a squandered less frequently when they have a clearly defined and measurable goal defined before they start. While I can’t say I do this with every endeavor I undertake, it sees particularly important for one that will cost a year of time and over $100,000 between opportunity & actual costs. Here I want to explore the general concepts of a sabbath period

Physical Challenges

Race Report: Dispea 2017

On June 11, 2017 I ran the 107th running of the legendary Dipsea race. I finished in a time of 1:02:04. Goals Finish/Survive – ACCOMPLISHED Qualify for 2018 – ~150 spots – ACCOMPLISHED – with 136 to spare Average heart rate 170+ – ACCOMPLISHED – averaged 177 BPM 160+ on the Downhills – ACCOMPLISHED – 175+ 175+ on the Uphills – ACCOMPLISHED – 180+ Sub 1:05 – ACCOMPLISHED – 1:02:04 Top 25 Open Section – ACCOMPLISHED – 21st out of 796 runners Do not walk or speed hike – Not Accomplished – 3 sections of speed hiking, 2 forced Sub 1 hour – Not Accomplished Top 1% Course time – Not Accomplished 55:00 – Not Accomplished Successes What am I proud of from race day? Completed my first trail race Really strong effort, dug deep & kept pushing Managed to stay upright the whole time Maxed my heart rate at 192 – haven’t seen 185+ since college Really let go on the paved downhills –