Day: December 31, 2018

Yearly Focus

Secret 2018 Goal Review: Ratio of Creation to Consumption

Earlier this year I wrote about a secret goal I had for the year (which I guess makes it a secret only between everyone with internet access). I was going to track my creative vs consumption time and try to move my ratio from 1:2.5 to closer to 1:1. For 2018 the results are Books read: 5 Books listened to: 1 Significant blog posts written: 9 Total Productive: 15 Movies watched: 52 Video Games Played: .25 Graphic Novels Read: 1 TV Show Seasons Watched: 6 Consumptive Total: 59.25 Ratio – 1:3.95 I nearly doubled things in the wrong direction, which is a bummer, but I guess this is why this is a secret goal and not an official one. I think the best way to get things closer to 1:1 that also seems really healthy is to drop my movie count by a good 20 or so and to use that

Yearly Focus

John Muir – Exemplar Review

This year I picked John Muir as my exemplar. I recently came up with a new review template to help me get the most out of the process of having an exemplar. Below is my entry for this John Muir. What did John Muir achieve? John Muir helped lead the efforts to preserve millions of acres of wilderness land in the United States so that future generations could enjoy them. His is the founder of the Sierra Club, a well published author, responsible for upending the geological theory of how the Yosemite valley formed and is credited as the spiritual father of both the US National Park service and modern conservation efforts. He also managed a very successful orchard and had a great beard. Why did he care about that? Some people pursue goals intentionally or rationally. Others seem to just follow their inner voice – perhaps in a more emotional