Yearly Focus

Secret 2018 Goal Review: Ratio of Creation to Consumption

Earlier this year I wrote about a secret goal I had for the year (which I guess makes it a secret only between everyone with internet access).

I was going to track my creative vs consumption time and try to move my ratio from 1:2.5 to closer to 1:1.

For 2018 the results are

Books read: 5
Books listened to: 1
Significant blog posts written: 9
Total Productive: 15

Movies watched: 52
Video Games Played: .25
Graphic Novels Read: 1
TV Show Seasons Watched: 6
Consumptive Total: 59.25

Ratio – 1:3.95

I nearly doubled things in the wrong direction, which is a bummer, but I guess this is why this is a secret goal and not an official one.

I think the best way to get things closer to 1:1 that also seems really healthy is to drop my movie count by a good 20 or so and to use that time to write about 4 more blog posts. That alone would get me towards 1:2.