Yearly Focus

2020 Focus: End Of Year Review

With the start of a new year, I take the time to set my focus for the coming year. I believe that by being selective about where I direct my energy, I can achieve results that are exponentially greater than if I split that energy across many different goals. I detailed my 2020 focus here (read that first if you want more context). I’ve posted a few updates throughout the year (quarter year, half year and three quarters update) and now is time for a final review. 2020 Theme: Action Economy Self Grade: 7/10 It shouldn’t come as a surprise that 2020 did not go exactly as planned. I didn’t make as much concrete progress on my theme as I had planned, but I did spend a good amount of time this year saturated in the topic. While I don’t have the deliverables I was hoping to produce, I have