Ting Review (2019) – Five Years With Ting’s Cell Phone Service!

It is now 2019 – I first signed up for Ting in March 2014 – that means I’ve been a happy Ting customer for over five years now! 5 years! During that time we’ve used the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 Plus and an Apple Watch.

I thought I’d share a Ting review to shine more light on why I switched to them in the first place and why I’m still happy. I also have experience with Verizon and Google Fi, which I can compare the service to.

Because I’ve been a longtime Ting customer, they recently gave me a coupon to share with my readers that will save you $25 off your first bill. If you’re interested in switching, here it is: http://www.gregkroleski.com/click/ting

The Switch from Verizon

I had long been a happy Verizon customer when in 2014 I opened a bill to find I owed over $200 for our three phones. That was above my limit of acceptability. I decided I needed to look for options.

I looked at the plans of the major carriers – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile. I also came across a few alternative plans; Republic Wireless, Tracfone, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile & Google Fi.

Selection Criteria

As I began to look at those companies, I came up with a list of criteria that was important to me.

  • Device Options
  • Cell Service Quality & Speed
  • Customer Service & Experience
  • Price
  • Flexibility

I ultimately selected Ting, obviously. I’ve actually reevaluated every year since then and reselected Ting each time for these reasons.

How Ting Compared

Device Options

We’re iPhone folks and making a switch to another phone would be a difficult undertaking. I actually love Google products and my phone is mostly using the Google alternatives to Apple default software. The effort involved in retraining my wife & mom to use a new OS & phone made it hard for me to consider switching, and so compatibility with iPhone became a strong criteria.

I did try to keep an open mind to other options, but it was going to take a lot to convince me to be on something other than iOS.

On top of that, even if I went with Android, I would want a pure Android OS and not some reskin. I got burned pretty bad by Android fragmentation in the early days where my phone stopped getting text messages suddenly because of an unknown defect that lay between the OS, carrier and phone manufacturer’s reskin. A fix never came. A few of the companies I looked at ran a very custom version of Android and that made me very nervous – unless they had limited their supported phones dramatically, that would likely eventually result in me having a phone that didn’t work and an unplanned need for a new phone.

Ting allowed the iPhone – back in 2014 when I signed up, you had to use the iPhone model that was one year old, but that is what I happened to be using at the time anyhow, so I was ok with that. Recently they’ve allowed the most recent version of the iPhone to be used – something I’ve taken advantage of by upgrading to the iPhone SE the day it came out. I legitimately might have been the first Ting customer to use the iPhone SE.

So with phone selection & my iPhone preference in mind, the results were:

Cell Service Quality & Speed

In the many years I was a Verizon customer, I had very few dropped calls. Switching to something else seemed risky – I knew how miserable the lives of my AT&T subscriber friends were with all of their dropped call issues.

I did a lot of research about service areas and congestion in my area before switching to Ting. At the time they only operated on Sprint towers but now you can select between Sprint & T-Mobile. I live in a major city where there is great coverage, so congestion tends to be the biggest concern, especially during peak times.

After three years of using Ting I’ve noticed a downgrade in cell service quality from Verizon – but it still meets my bar of acceptability. I have had a few dropped calls & there are some places I’ve visited on vacation where I didn’t get great data service. But 99% of the time I am happy with the cellular signal. I’m ok with 99% of the results for ~50% of the cost.

If you’re considering switching, the best thing to do is check the coverage (use this cool tool) around where you live and ask neighbors who use Sprint & T-Mobile how those services perform in your area. From my experience, neither is quite as good as Verizon but often that is fine because the cost savings are so great.

Customer Service & Experience

I mentioned above that Ting uses other company’s towers which they essentially rent signal from.  What Ting actually provides themselves is the account tools & customer support. Those are top notch and probably the biggest reason I picked Ting.

Their website & mobile app are amazing. Here are a few things you can do really easily from either your computer or phone:

1) Settings

Control the settings on devices. You don’t need to do this often, but it is nice to be able to control and check easily whenever you need it.

2) Usage

Here is a screen you can use to see your usage during the month. Along with total usage in each of the three categories they charge for, you can see how much each person is using.

With this I can see that we are at 99 text messages so my next text message will actually kick us up a tier to the next payment level. With text messages that is only like $2 so it isn’t a huge deal. With minutes it can mean another $20, so it is great to have this info handy.

3) Usage Alerts

Along with seeing our usage, I can set automatic alerts to help us stay within our budget. You can see below that I have it text reminders at certain limits and then actually turn off the data if you exceed another limit. It is easy to turn back on if we decide we’re ok going over, but having the limits in place helps make sure you don’t accidentally blow through data when you thought you were on wifi or something like that.

Customer Service

The final part of the customer experience is Ting’s customer service which I would rate as world class.

The few times I’ve had to call them for help with something, I’ve talked to someone that was friendly, helpful and empowered. They were able to solve my problem and one time even gave me a $10 credit as an apology.

I’ve called in before on a weekend and actually talked to a human in the United States in less than 5 minutes – which is amazing. When I’ve emailed in there was great follow up thanks to their use of a ticketing system called Zendesk (which I also love).

One caveat is they don’t have store locations all over like the major brands do. Some people like going into their local Verizon store and walking away with a phone & signed contract. I much prefer doing things on my time which often is not the same time a local store would be open. Doing things with Ting sometimes means waiting a few days for a new phone to come in the mail rather than having it in hand right away – but that isn’t a big negative to me – most of my shopping is online these days anyways and part of the reason Ting is less expensive is they don’t have to pay the overhead for all of those storefronts.

Overall, I’m super happy with the customer experience with Ting – this is one area where they exceed the national providers.


Ting makes it pretty easy to predict your price with this cool tool as long as you have some info about your average usage over the past months. Because of that, I knew what I was getting into and if you’re thinking of switching, you can too.

What I wondered back then was if things would drift up over time. I pulled some data and it turns out that hasn’t really happened. In fact, I’m paying less today that I was when I switched over.

I’m averaging about $85 a month for 3 iPhones – much less than the $200 I was paying to Verizon before I switched to Ting. Just to reiterate, I’m paying nearly 60% less than I was on Verizon for service I’m just as happy with.

For the observant, there are two things you might also notice in the chart above.

First, there was a time towards the end of 2015 where you can see our data usage drifted up a bit, as did our bill. We set up some better alerts (the ones I showed up above) and that helped us get things down lower than we originally were.

Second, there are a few months that are a bit lower. When I first joined I got a credit for signing up and cancelling my old contract, so my first few months didn’t cost much. The few other random dips are because of credits I received, like the one I mentioned from customer support.

I’ve kept abreast of other cell phone plans that have come out such as the recent T-Mobile unlimited plan and every time I run the math, I am still coming out on top with Ting price wise. For someone like our family that doesn’t use a ton of data, there doesn’t seem to be a better plan.


My favorite thing with Ting is that I have a ton of control over how I use my cellular devices, how much they cost me and how often I change things. I haven’t found many other options that give as much control.

Not only am I not in a contract – which means I can cancel at any time, but I don’t even have a fixed amount I pay every month, it is based on what I use. So I know that I can use less and pay less, which is awesome control & flexibility that I’ve taken advantage of to save an additional 15%.

I also have flexibility into what device I use and when I upgrade. With the major carriers you often get a discounted phone after two years, but really you’re just paying for that over time as part of your bill. With Ting we have full control of how often we switch. We’ve found that if you take good care of your phone, it can last longer than 2 years, which means a little more savings through a longer depreciation curve. On top of that, we also usually buy our iPhones used when a new model comes out so we often save even more.


I’ve been very happy with Ting as have a few friends I’ve referred over. If you feel like you’re paying too much for your cell phone service or you aren’t happy with how they treat you, then I suggest you consider the other options that are out there. If you care about the things I mentioned – I hope this post helps with your evaluation.

Hey! If you made it this far, you probably benefited from me sharing my experience. If so, I’d appreciate if you would click on the link below – it will save you $25 off of your first bill, and Ting will also knock a few dollars off my next bill to say thank you for helping you make a decision to switch.



14 thoughts on “Ting Review (2019) – Five Years With Ting’s Cell Phone Service!”

  1. Thanks for a review that clears things up very well! I’m currently switching over, thanks to your help! I’m just a little confused and worried about other plans, and can’t seem to get a straight story from other providers. I think this will be better for me, since I already have enough to worry about with work.

    1. I’ve found there are a few options that are cheaper, but good luck talking to a human ever if something goes wrong. I was willing to pay a few dollars more per year to have Ting’s AMAZING customer service.

  2. Greg, thank you for your helpful review! I’m thinking of switching from Verizon to Ting. I think that my usage is usually quite low, so I should be able to save on the phone service, it I will recheck the coverage, as you suggest. Is Ting switching between the two networks during usage, selecting the better one, or do I need to commit to T-Mobile or Sprint?
    Also, do you know if it would work if I bought the iPhone X from Apple using their monthly service and add Ting to it? I could not find this info on their site. I appreciate your help.

    1. You have to pick your network type when you activate, so T-Mobile or Sprint. A lot of newer phones come with both, so I guess it is possible to switch down the road but it isn’t seamless. It would be possible if for some reason you were on vacation in a place where one were better and had a phone that could do both or a different phone. If you get an unlocked phone that is compatible with the Sprint network, it should work. When I activated my iPhone SE there was no info anywhere that said I could, but I was pretty sure it would work and I was right.

    2. Hello Anna, you said you were thinking about switching to Ting? You’ll love it, when it comes to your new iPhone X it will have a good probability of working on Ting, its more just a question of which network will it work best on! Below are 2 links that I hope answers a few of you questions for you

      Check your phones comparability with Ting: https://ting.com/byod

      Check your coverage area: https://ting.com/coverage

  3. What do you think about the camera on the iSE? I am an artist and need a good camera. So do you sign up with TMobile, and Ting additionally? I am probably going to buy the iSE, if you recommend the camera. I don’t use a cell phone a whole lot, and have not been texting, but plan to learn. There is a Mobile near me. Or is it better to do this online?

    1. I believe it is the same one as the iPhone 6S – so it is a few years old, not as nice as the 7, 8 or X, but very good nonetheless. I mostly use it to take pictures of our family doing things and it is fine for that.

  4. Since May 2018, how are others with GSM phones doing with Ting? I’ve had it for 3 yrs and it used to be great. Since around May of this year, it has been horrible. I am 3 blocks from a tower, on a high floor, and I only get 2 bars at my workstation, 4 bars but a long delay in dialing in my bedroom. The phone does not ring, people tell me it goes straight to voicemail. Ting said T Mobile modernized the towers to all be voiceover LTE. Well fine! My phones can handle that. But Ting apparently does not. I’ve tried literally 6 different phones and got a new SIM from them. This morning, there were 20 voicemails I did not know I had. I still have to go in my bedroom to dial a number and hope it doesn’t drop when I go to my desk. It’s barely any better anywhere else. I am thinking of doing Freedom because I am now spoiled with only paying for what I use. Anybody else having trouble in the last few months?

  5. Did Timg pay you to write this review? Ting mobile is garbage! I had it for 3 months. I am a low level data user. Hardly make call and use text in moderation. The promise was an average bill of $23 per month. I had 2GB with unlimited talk and text. My bill was nearly $40 per month. Under Verizon I had 2 GB with unlimited and rarely went over 1 GB. With Ting my 2 GB disappeared into thin air.

    I see claims of this great customer service. Right! One month they shut my service down for a balance due of 97 cents.
    When I called to cancel my service it took 3 calls to get it done. There was a pattern of incompetence with all 3 customer service reps I spoke to.

    I have since switched to Tello. For what I was paying Timg (nearly $40) I can get 10 GB and unlimited with Tello. I chose the 3 GB with unlimited talk and text. It’s the end of my first billing cycle and I’m just a fraction over 1 GB of use. My GB’s are not disappearing into thin air as with Timg. And my bill is only $24 per month. I will likely never use 3 GB, but it’s nice to know I have it if I need it.

    I am just a regular guy. Like I said I switched to Tello and it’s great for me. It may not be great for you, so this is not a recommendation. Everyone’s needs are different.

    What I am telling you is that Ting is misleading. Their promises are empty and they’ll reach deep into your pocket and scam you and rip you off when you’re not looking.

    Ting is a outright lie!
    Ting is misleading!
    Ting is a scam!
    Ting is garbage!

  6. Been with them approximately two years service definitely going down hill getting text messages 3-8 hours later switched to Consumer Cellular

  7. I would love to try ting but I have to ask. I read in reviews that ting markets your number to businesses resulting in junk calls, is this true? I’m aiming to keep it as low as $9 a month

  8. I’m a longtime user of Ting and a big fan. Very good pricing and terrific customer service. A live, knowledgeable person actually answers the phone when you call!

  9. Ting is a great service if you don’t need some kind of unlimited data plan. My wife and I regularly use about 2 – 3G data/month and 1000 minutes and always have bills < $80/month.

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