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Product Review: Love is Bold Silicone Wedding Band

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Love is Bold Silicone Wedding Band

2015-12-18 16.07.45

I am pretty a pretty active individual (surfing, bike commuting, Ironman, backpacking & such) and ever since I got married, wearing a ring has been troublesome for me. I take it off for most activities for a number of reasons:

  • I found the weight and firmness annoying
  • it would place my fingers weird or cut off circulation during activities where my hands were holding something like bike handlebars or hiking poles
  • I sometimes get swollen fingers while running
  • while working with wood or fixing surfboards my ring has nicked a piece and damaged it before
  • during swimming and surfing where I’m in cold water, my finger shrink and I worry the ring will slide off and get lost

Because of all of those reasons, I end up taking my ring off a lot – more than once a day. That means I sometimes misplace it and more often than that forget to put it back on and end up going a while with no ring.

When I heard about these silicone wedding bands I thought I would give it a try. To give you some context, I was at the point where I was seriously considering a tattoo. Long story short, I’m sold – I am really happy with this product. In the last week I’ve used it for running, biking and left it on all of the time with no trouble.

2015-12-18 16.07.24

There is very little weight to it so I was perfectly fine having it on for all activities. The sizing is true, they only make full sizes which worried me since I am a half size. I ordered the next full size up and it works perfectly. It is comfortable to wear I didn’t notice any pinching at all. The width is perfect in my opinion and I really like the color.

One thing I would raise is it does feel a little sticky on my other fingers just because of the texture of the material, sometimes I notice that but it doesn’t bother me a ton. The benefit is that is it doesn’t seem like it could ever slip off your finger, even when wet and cold like surfing, which is usually when I would worry most about my metal rings.

I do wonder a bit about longevity. I don’t know how many years it will last before it snaps. I used to have one of those silicone LIVESTRONG bracelets and eventually, after a few years, it snapped off. I think the smaller diameter and more protected location (finger instead of wrist) could benefit it, but I would guess this will last 2-3 years, maybe 5, certainly not as long as a metal ring that can get passed down through generations. All of that said, if I have to get a new one every two years and the day to day is this much better, I’m ok with that – maybe next time I’ll order in bulk to get a discount. UPDATE: After two years of daily use my ring broke and I promptly ordered another one. At this rate the cost for a lifetime’s worth of rings will be ~$140 which is more expensive than some rings but much less expensive than any precious metals.

As an added bonus, I did notice myself playing with it a lot less. I’ve gotten in the bad habit the last few years of taking off my ring and spinning it. I didn’t do that with this, but I did sometimes flip it over itself while still on my finger.

A few people noticed I had something different on and asked about it, but most people didn’t notice I had switched to this ring, which is a success in my book. I’m not looking for attention in a wedding band, I just want something that I can keep on while living out my life.

I haven’t had a chance to try any similar products, so I can’t say if this one is better or worse than others. Due to the simplicity, I think this is the sort of thing where most product are pretty similar – the color options, width, inside contour and price are really the main factors. Most brands had what I wanted for the first three but the price on the Love is Bold product was lower than some competing products so I would recommend this product.