Month: August 2013

Innovation Session

Innovation Session: The History of NFL Win Percentages – Part 7

As a hobbyist developer, I have always been grateful for help from others. Whether from friends, co-workers or strangers. A few weeks ago Mike Bostock helped me figure out why my chart wasn’t rendering by answering my question on stack overflow. Mike is, for those of you that aren’t data visualization nerds, the creator and lead developer of D3, the javascript library I’m using to create this chart. Super cool. It turns out when I had re-written the code I had accidentally let two lines slip to the bottom. Those two lines defined the scope of the graph and without them running fist, the whole thing broke. I knew it was going to be something small like that, it always is. Except for when it is something big. I now have all of the data loaded and rendering. It is quite a mess and not labelled. Check it out for

Innovation Session

Innovation Session: My Fantasy Football Auction Draft

This is my second year playing fantasy football and first year doing an auction draft. Being new to the format, I figured this was a perfect chance to study up and walk away with a dominant team. Here is how I prepared for and executed my fantasy football auction draft. My League First off lets talk league scoring so those of you that know what I’m talking about have context. 12 teams. QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR/TE, TE, K, D, BN, BN, BN, BN. 13 players each including the 4 bench spots. Touchdowns are 6 points, missed FGs are -1, .1 pt per yard returning, no PPR. The small bench means we’re going to have an active waiver wire so I wasn’t concerned with grabbing a bunch of sleepers. Here is the team I ended up with. Strategy I did a few practice drafts and a bit of reading

Innovation Session

Innovation Session: Recycling A Broken Surfboard

Her name was Cecilia. I bought her used from Stewart’s boardshop in San Clemente, CA on March 29th, 2010. A 10’6″ Regal model, custom shaped by the legendary Bill Stewart for another surfer. Ding repairs and yellowing spots showed the board’s age. It had clearly been well used by it’s previous owner. A good surfboard deserves no less. A diamond in the rough when I found it, there were a few dings on the rails, but nothing I couldn’t fix. She ended up being a great board and together we enjoyed many of Southern California’s best longboarding spots. In 2011, while surfing Huntington Cliffs, I stayed on the nose a bit too long and had to bail in the shore break. I dove off at the last second as the wave closed around me. When I rose to the surface I was staring at the rear half of my favorite longboard.