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Complete an Ironman: Update 9 – Gettin’ Aero Wit It

This is one of 14 updates about my 2014 challenge to complete an Ironman – you can see a list of the others here. On your mark ready set let’s goIronman pro I know you knowI go psycho when my new bike hitJust can’t sitGotta get aero wit it [Chorus:]Na na na na na na na nanaNa na na na nanaGettin’ aero wit it[Repeat 3x] -Will Smith (sort of) I am one week out from my Ironman. My training is done. This final week is all about resting my body & mentally preparing for the race. There is almost nothing I can do to help improve my performance next weekend. Almost nothing. The one trick I have left up my sleeve is becoming more aerodynamic on the bike. Today we’re going to talk about that. But first, a training update. Training Data Nine months. 3,176 Miles. 357.5 hour of training. Hundreds of hours of