Experiment: Watch Donnie Darko Every October 1st for 10 Years – Results

Today is October 1st which means tonight I will be watching Donnie Darko for the 11th time. It is something I have been doing on October 1st every year – the tradition dates back to 2004. Why watch a movie every year? Why Donnie Darko? This experiment wasn’t designed with as much intention as you would hope – but it has turned out to be awesome nonetheless. The Mirror of Repeat Viewings See, the movie hasn’t changed in the past 10 years, but I have. With each viewing I see something different and I now realize how that tells more about who I am than anything about the movie itself. I stumbled upon a benchmark for measuring the pace of change in my life. Below I will detail my experience over the years. Why Donne Darko? Is Donnie Darko the only movie this can be done with? I don’t believe it is.