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Product Review: Love is Bold Silicone Wedding Band

Todays post is a product review. I provide unbiased product reviews in exchange for discounted products with the goal of helping people find good products and manufacturers improve what they create. — Love is Bold Silicone Wedding Band I am pretty a pretty active individual (surfing, bike commuting, Ironman, backpacking & such) and ever since I got married, wearing a ring has been troublesome for me. I take it off for most activities for a number of reasons: I found the weight and firmness annoying it would place my fingers weird or cut off circulation during activities where my hands were holding something like bike handlebars or hiking poles I sometimes get swollen fingers while running while working with wood or fixing surfboards my ring has nicked a piece and damaged it before during swimming and surfing where I’m in cold water, my finger shrink and I worry the ring will slide off