Month: March 2016

Life Updates

How Are You Liking Seattle?

Since I moved to Seattle six months ago, I’ve frequently been asked one question. “How are you liking Seattle?” Responses Sometimes it is just meant as a polite question. Perhaps I’m catching up with someone from work or an old friend. Asking about something recent in my life is a nice gesture. There are even time where the question reflects real curiosity. With the cost of living in the Bay Area continuing to rise, many people are fleeing for the north & looking to gather some data before they make the move. Often the question is honest. There are people that truly care about my state of being and how I enjoy the place I live. Regardless of the reason behind the question, my answer is usually something along the lines of, “It’s been a rough transition.” For those I’m really close with, or if you catch me with my guard down,

My Thinking On Various Topics

Is Clinton Support a Gender Issue?

I just finished reading some great points in this Salon article about sexism and how it has changed/improved but not disappeared and how that relates to the Clinton campaign. It bothers me that this is the key conversation about Hillary though. Her campaign is doing a great job owning the discussion, knowing that most people don’t want to be sexist & using it as a sort of shame tactic – ‘if I don’t vote for her they say it means I’m sexist, so I guess I’ll vote for her.’ The fact is, millennials don’t support her because they don’t trust her – that is what they keep telling everyone. She is viewed as the least trustworthy of all of the candidates – including Trump. It isn’t surprising. She is involved in (as of my last count) four federal investigations and won’t answer important questions about connections to large institutions that