My Thinking On Various Topics

What Is Outside?

In 2017 I set a goal to spend 7 hour a week outside with at least one other member of my family. As I’ve tracked this throughout the year, most things have been pretty straightforward, but on many occasions I’ve run into a situations of ambiguity. Am I Inside or Outside Right Now? For example: Reading in our living room? Easy. Inside. Throwing rocks into the water at the beach? Again, easy. Outside. Sleeping in a tent in a National Park? We’re sort of ‘in the great outdoors’ but we are inside of the tent. Does that thin sheet of nylon make us inside? Sitting on the porch eating? What if the porch is covered? What if it is also screened in? At what point do we cross over from inside to outside? Is being deep in the woods more outside than sitting on top of a 100 square foot