Physical Challenges

Adventure Report: 24 Hour Max Steps Attempt 2021

Every October, some Google employees host a walking competition called Walktober. The idea is to set a walking goal and see if you can hit it. It predates me by a decade and as of 2021, over twenty-five thousand Googlers participate. In 2020 I helped create a new category of competition for most steps in a day by walking and running for 24 hours straight. I set a record but later in the month, someone broke it and raised the bar. In 2021 I returned to try and break the record again. On October 30th 2021 I walked 204,371 steps in one day. This is the adventure report. Strava link – Walktober – New Record for Most Steps in a Day (204,371) | Run | Strava Goals Results Get other Googlers excited about the single-day record – ACCOMPLISHED Have some coworkers and friends follow along online or in person –