Random Thoughts

Random Things I’m Thinking About in November 2022

Is meditation just exercise for System 2 thinking to make it stronger at resisting System 1 thinking and thus used more often? How the two systems of my brain (System 1 and System 2) are like the two fuel systems in my body (glycogen powered and fat powered) and how I might optimize my brain for big feats the same way I’ve optimized my body for big feats in the past. Training System 1 to do more things the way I want it it at low cost. Having System 2 last longer without tiring out. Do I even want to be CEO of Google in 10+ years or would I rather found something or lead something up and coming? Is reinvigorating a company a good thing or is it better to just let it go and start fresh? What are the super powers of successful CEOs and how many of