Random Thoughts

Random Things I’m Thinking About in November 2022

  1. Is meditation just exercise for System 2 thinking to make it stronger at resisting System 1 thinking and thus used more often?
  2. How the two systems of my brain (System 1 and System 2) are like the two fuel systems in my body (glycogen powered and fat powered) and how I might optimize my brain for big feats the same way I’ve optimized my body for big feats in the past. Training System 1 to do more things the way I want it it at low cost. Having System 2 last longer without tiring out.
  3. Do I even want to be CEO of Google in 10+ years or would I rather found something or lead something up and coming? Is reinvigorating a company a good thing or is it better to just let it go and start fresh?
  4. What are the super powers of successful CEOs and how many of them are trainable?
  5. Will I ever be the world’s best at something? Do I want to be?
  6. Intellectual stimulation – the pleasurable sense of being challenged and provoked that can arise from an encounter with new, difficult, or interesting ideas. It’s like chewing for the brain
  7. Pumpkin pie and pumpkin pie flavored milkshakes
  8. What makes works of fiction interesting – very big and very small stories and how they interact
  9. I didn’t like the iBook, the Click Wheel or the 30-pin connector. But I love Multi-Touch and MagSafe
  10. Stand up paddling from my house to Alaska. It’s only ~750 miles, which would probably take me ~2 weeks at 50 miles a day.
  11. The ultimate PNW human-powered vehicle would be part SUP, ski and bike, have a tent and a place for my trail running shoes