Month: September 2013

Innovation Session

Innovation Session: Recycling A Broken Surfboard – Part 2

This is part 2 of a 4 part series – you can read the rest here: Recycling A Broken Surfboard – Part 1 Recycling A Broken Surfboard – Part 3 Recycling A Broken Surfboard – Part 4 Picking up where I left off about a month ago – this weekend I continued to work on recycling my old broken longboard. The next step of the process was shaping the board. The foam was still pretty rough as you can see from the picture below. The top had a lot of soft spots and divots, both of which can ruin the long term resilience of the board. The Shaping Room Shaping a board is a messy job. As layers of foam are carved away using planers, files & sand paper, sticky foam dust escapes. The easiest way to have it all contained is to do it in a shaping room –

Innovation Session

Innovation Session: Surprise Flower Delivery – Part 2

I made a few tweaks today that I thought were needed before setting the ad campaigns live. The first was to add a logo up top. It is just a new font & icon but I think it adds a bit of legitimacy to the whole thing. The second was to add a ‘How It Works’ section. I thought that would help set expectations & further increase trust. With that done I created Google & Facebook ad campaigns using ad credits I had sitting around. Tomorrow I’ll drive $100 of traffic to the site to see how it does. I’ll make some adjustments next week and spend another $100. Friction The one thing I know is going to create friction is the form. Normally I want as few fields as possible. Heck, I’d be ok with name & email to litmus interest. But I’m going to wait to see how

Innovation Session

Innovation Session: Surprise Flower Delivery

The idea is simple. My wife enjoys fresh flowers. I like my wife and thus want her to be able to enjoy fresh flowers. But I never think about flowers apart from anniversary’s, valentine’s day & her birthday. Surprise Flower Club solves this. The service will deliver flowers on a somewhat random basis to the specified receive. Getting Started I think this is a great idea and I would sign up myself. There are a ton of questions surrounding the whole thing though: Does anyone else have this problem? Would anyone else use a solution like this? Will they value it enough to pay me for it? What does a streamlined process look like? What is the cost of acquiring a customer? What is my churn rate? What price point does it need to be at to be viable? What are the margins? How do people solve this now/ who