Innovation Session

Innovation Session: Surprise Flower Delivery – Part 2

I made a few tweaks today that I thought were needed before setting the ad campaigns live.

The first was to add a logo up top. It is just a new font & icon but I think it adds a bit of legitimacy to the whole thing.

The second was to add a ‘How It Works’ section. I thought that would help set expectations & further increase trust.


With that done I created Google & Facebook ad campaigns using ad credits I had sitting around. Tomorrow I’ll drive $100 of traffic to the site to see how it does. I’ll make some adjustments next week and spend another $100.


The one thing I know is going to create friction is the form. Normally I want as few fields as possible. Heck, I’d be ok with name & email to litmus interest. But I’m going to wait to see how people do with a live form that collects money before simplifying to that level.

My worry is that a lot of people might leave their email address but that doesn’t necessarily equal people that are willing to spend money. I want to make sure there is at least some interest of the level that spends money. If I hit a wall though, I might adjust so I can get a better feel for the underlying interest.